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How I Became a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, I will earn a commission. Thank you!

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

I did. For a long time. But I could never figure out what I wanted to do.

I love photography but I'd rather not take pictures of people because they move and have opinions and there's not a lot of money in landscapes and flowers. (Though I still take a TON of pictures of landscapes and flowers.)

I tried selling cards with the pictures I take and it was a little successful. Though, if I'm honest, it was mostly my mom ordering my cards. (Thanks Mom!)

I went down the MLM route and had some fun, met some amazing people, but crashed and BURNED financially. (Like, I don't even want to add up what I lost type crashed and burned.)

So, I went to Pinterest, which is my favorite place to find things, and I typed in "stay at home mom jobs."

And becoming a virtual assistant kept coming up. I would look at those pins for a minute and then scroll on by because I didn't think that was something I could do. I mean, you had to find clients and that sounded scary!

But the thought was in my head and I kept going back to it.

And the name I kept seeing whenever someone talked about becoming a VA was Abbey Ashley with the Virtual Savvy. Did her name stick out to me because, well, Ashley? Maybe. But I kept going back to her website.

You see, Abbey started out as a stay at home mom who needed to make some income so she became a VA and now she is the CEO of a HUGE company. And she was offering to teach me how to do it.

Now, as you remember, I crashed and BURNED in the MLM route. So, I was skeptical. Like really skeptical.

I didn't want to invest in myself because I was afraid to crash and burn again. (It could happen)

And it was a decent investment, for me at least.

So, I sat on the idea for a while.

And then March of 2020 hit. All of a sudden the world shut down and my son was home from school and my husband was working from home and I had nothing to do other than sit and worry.

I needed something that was for me. That would get my mind off of what was happening in the world.

So, I went back the The Virtual Savvy and started thinking about becoming a VA. I signed up for a free training called Become a Booked Out Virtual Assistant, and I really liked the training. So I signed up for the Savvy Vault.

The Savvy Vault is a bunch of courses in one place on all the programs that I needed to know to become a VA. And the best part for me was that it was a monthly subscription. So when I came to my senses, I could get out!

But I didn't get out. I took a few of the courses and realized that I really liked how Abbey and her team taught. It was step by step and so supportive.

So, after discussing it with my husband, who, since he was working at a table in our front room and was a captive audience, got to hear a lot of what I was thinking in real time (he loved that!), I decided to give it a try and sign up for the Savvy System. There was a 60 day money back guarantee so I could back out when I figured out that this was all bunk.

But, guess what? It wasn't bunk.

I sent out my first proposal before I got to that section of the course, got my first discovery call from that proposal and my first client before I had even set up a business checking account.


And then I got another client, and another and now I run a THRIVING virtual assistant business where I have subcontractors who help me and I'm building my empire!!

All because of that little bug that I don't really want to talk about. All because I took a chance on myself, even though it was scary. All because of Abbey Ashley having the same name that I do.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I have a question for you. Do you want to own your own business? Do you want to be a VA?

If you do want to be a VA, now is the time to invest in yourself because the Savvy System, Abbey's system, the system that helped me become the business owner I am, opens it's door soon.

So if you want to learn how to launch and grow your virtual assistant business in five days with a FREE masterclass, you can go here.

Or, if you want to get ALL of the steps. Your hand held the ENTIRE way. Take a look at the Savvy System.

If you are serious about making 2022 the best year yet! If you want to find a way to work from home so you can be there for your kids but still have something that is just for you. If you are ready to make some money. Then now is the time.

If you have any questions about the Savvy System or my experience with it, find me on Instagram and send me a DM!

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